“Good, but not good enough”

Hi Loves, I wanted to share with you today, the words once uttered by one of my teachers in High School. First, let me give you the back story; I went to a technical high school called the High School of Fashion Industries. It was my dream school and I was overjoyed when I got accepted. In High School I majored in visual merchandising which involves designing and decorating store fronts and so much more. I truly loved my major because it gave me a chance to rest my brain because being creative is second nature to me.

One of my most memorable teachers was Ms.J, I’m not going to put her whole name just in case she is still at this high school. Ms.J was a very particular woman it was either her way or the highway, however I liked that because you always knew what you were getting from her, there was no mystery involved.

There was one particular moment in Ms.J’s class that I will never forget. In visual merchandising you use a lot of tools. Tools like staple guns, hot glue guns, a guillotine paper trimmer and so much more. Therefore, in the beginning of the school year Ms. J had us take a safety test. On this particular test we had to get a 100 or continue to take the test over until we get a perfect score. We also weren’t able to use the tools until we aced the test, so basically if you fail the test you fail the class, because you need those tools to complete projects.

Test day finally arrives and I was ready! I had studied so much, that I felt like I was going to burst with all of the information I retained about these tools. After taking the test, I am overjoyed because I knew I aced that test. I finally get my results and I got a 99. If this was a regular class I would have jumped for joy but it wasn’t. I looked over the test to see what I got wrong, and I lost a point because I wrote “put down” and not “put away”. In my opinion, I knew how to use the tool so I should have gotten it right, it was not a grammar test. I usually am not a grade grubber but I had to say something. After explaining to her my issue she smiled and said, “Cara, it was good but not good enough.” Those words scarred me for quite a while. I passed the test on the second try after correcting my grammatical error.

The point of this story is that for a long time I walked around feeling like I had to be perfect and be “good enough” until I realized I am enough. I want to encourage you to strive to be your best but know that you ARE ENOUGH.

In Psalm 139:14 it says “I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well.”

If the Lord says you are enough, who are you or anyone around you to say that you aren’t. Although Ms.J didn’t say that I wasn’t good enough it still scarred me, however, those words strengthened me in knowing that what people say about you don’t matter.

No matter the test score, no matter the words written in red on your paper know that you ARE good enough and that you ARE ENOUGH.

Also if you are a teacher, remember that every moment should be a teaching moment and not putting someone down because of a grade.

Well Loves that’s all for today, thanks for stopping by the blog!




2 Replies to ““Good, but not good enough””

  1. Such a nice reminder here, Cara! So many people walk around feeling not good enough because they took what someone said of them for Gospel.

    Of course no one is perfect but it is so much better to see ourselves through the eyes of the Creator! 💪🏿🙌🏿
    Much love xx

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